How to Create a Warm, Comfortable, and Personalized Living Space
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Dear homeowners,

Choosing the perfect flooring can save you years of worries.
However, with so many flooring options and installation teams available, how do you make the right choice?

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Effortless peace of mind, zero worries


Selecting flooring that suits your taste, aesthetically pleasing, and durable


Staying within budget constraints while achieving maximum effectiveness

We understand that the most common concerns when it comes to flooring installation are:

1- Poor Results:
Being lured by low prices often leads to dissatisfaction with the final outcome

2- Low Durability:
Despite initial appeal, poor-quality materials may deteriorate over time

3- Price fluctuations:
Initial quotes might change, leading to exceeding budgets

4- Maintenance difficulties:
Concerns about the time and money required to maintain flooring surface and longevity

5- Potential hazards:
Using non-compliant materials poses risks, while improper installations may lead to accidents

These insights stem from the painful experiences of many customers, which we've compiled and concluded.

Allow me to share a bad experience of my client, Mia.

Mia, a mother juggling the responsibilities of caring for both elderly parents and young children. Sought to provide her family with comfortable and safe flooring. Unfortunately, her initial experience was disappointing.

Initially, having lived in her house for some time, Mia’s parents complained about the cold floor in every morning. Additionally, with her child just turning 2 years old and beginning to crawl and walk, Mia felt compelled to ensure her parents’ comfort and her child’s safety. As a result, she started to look and on comparing numerous solution provider.

As Mia was aiming for efficiency and cost-effectiveness, she opted for the cheapest installation team without proper assessment.

This team worked at a swift pace, with quite an efficiency. They managed to complete the flooring installation in just 2-3 days. Moreover, the outcome were pleasing, meeting Mia’s requirements as well.


A week after,
Mia noticed significant creaking in the corner areas of the floor when walked upon. Fortunately, the company promised a 5-year warranty and promptly addressed the issue. However, this resolution cost Mia half a day of her time.

Two months later,
Mia’s child accidentally spilled water, leading to further flooring problems, this time more severe as it affected the central area of the floor. The installation team had to start from the corners and replace the central flooring, requiring an additional day for completion. Mia was not only concerned about the flooring’s condition but also worried about her child’s safety. Hence, she hurriedly sought assistance from the installation team again.

Three months later,
Apart from the persistent creaking, a section of the floor protruded, causing Mia’s mother to trip and suffered minor injuries. This incident added to Mia’s workload as she had to accompany her mother for medical check-ups and fretted over her father potentially experiencing a similar mishap.

This time, Mia contacted me through a friend's recommendation.

 Upon careful inspection, I discovered several issues:

The floor in Mia’s house was inherently uneven, as it lacked proper floor leveling. Regardless of the flooring material used, this unevenness would lead to persistent creaking.


The chosen flooring material was unsuitable. Due to Mia’s lack of experience, she had simply instructed the previous installation team to prioritize appearance and cost-effectiveness. Unfortunately, this led to the selection of a material that lacked durability. The combination of uneven flooring and continuous foot traffic exacerbated the problem.

The crucial point here is that by not considering potential scenarios, such as spills or maintenance requirements, and solely focusing on affordability and appearance, Mia ended up with flooring that did not meet her needs.

Importance of considering various factors in flooring selection:

1- Ensuring floor evenness.
2- Choosing materials and installation methods suited to the intended space and usage scenarios.
3- Safety considerations, especially for vulnerable family members.
4- Budget control, factoring in potential additional costs for technical requirements.
5- The consequences of making the wrong choice, taking Mia’s incident as an example.

Hello, I'm Alex, the Founder of AK build

With many years of experience in this industry,
I understand exactly what you need.

whether it’s the flooring material or the installation team, we meticulously select and tailor them to meet your requirements. This way, I can ensure that you receive the highest value for your investment. With my extensive operational experience, I’m capable of helping you avoid any potential losses.

As we understand the challenges you may face, AK Build can provide you with:

Peace of mind and efficiency, with guaranteed results

No need to worry about going over budget or spending additional time and effort addressing related issues

Achieving pleasing and durable flooring solutions.
Our priority is to provide you with flooring that truly makes you feel comfortable

At AK Build, we address these concerns by:

1- Understanding your needs and budgetary constraints.

2- Conducting on-site inspections to propose tailored solutions.

3- Guaranteeing price consistency, no unforeseen surcharges.

4- Installation teams with 20 years experience that familiar with our products and various installation techniques.

5- Ensuring dust-free, odor-free, and level flooring using self-leveling methods. (at slightly higher costs)


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