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To all Business Owners

I understand the challenges you face in improving the ambiance of your reception area to enhance customer experiences. Here are some common concerns:
1- Worried about disparities between the finished product and the displayed images
2- Fear of construction time disrupting daily operations
3- Concerns regarding craftsmanship and quality

What's even more distressing is...

1- Good appearance at first, but lacking durability.
2- Having to replace flooring shortly after failed installation
3- Dealing with issues arise due to unsuitable materials


The crux of the matter lies in trying to save time and expenses, often resulting in:
4-! Disruption of business operations.
5-! Wasted more time, money on doing rectification.

Allow me to share the experience of one of my clients

Meet May, the owner of a dental clinic renowned for its diligent service and customer satisfaction.
To enhance the clinic’s ambiance, May decided to start with flooring replacement. However, she encountered several setbacks:

However, she encountered several setbacks:

As May was seeking cost-effective and efficient solutions, she chose for the cheapest installation team available, however the contractor did not went for on-site inspection.  
Luckily, this team worked at a swift pace, with quite an efficiency and managed to complete the flooring installation in just 3 days.
Moreover, the outcome were pleasing, meeting May’s requirements as well.


1 week after,
Mia noticed significant creaking in the corner areas of the floor when walked upon. Fortunately, the company promised a 3-year warranty and promptly addressed the issue. However, it costed May half a day of her time.

2 months after,
May’s client accidentally spilled water, leading to further flooring problems, this time more severe as it affected the central area of the floor. The installation team had to start from the corners and replace the central flooring, requiring an additional day for completion. May had no choice but to postpone all her clients’ appointments.

3 months after,
Other floors area began to creak again, especially in areas with high customer traffic. May cannot endure it any longer, instantly sought my help through a friend’s recommendation, instead of rehiring the previous installation team.

Upon inspection, I identified several issues:

1- May’s clinic floor had inherent unevenness due to insufficient floor leveling. This deficiency would cause creaking noises regardless of the flooring material used.

2- Choosing wrong material impact the durability in long run. Given May’s high customer traffic, the chosen material couldn’t withstand the frequent footfall, so it wore out fast, as she went for looks and faster installation time over durability and quality, which was a mistake and uneven floor made the problem worse.

The main issue is not considering possible accidents in the future (like customers spilling water) or maintenance needs. Simply opting for cheap and visually appealing flooring might not meet May's actual needs.

Here's some key factors to consider before opting for visually appealing yet cost-effective flooring solutions.

1- Floor surface evenness.

2- Material suitability for usage frequency and environment.

3- Installation safety and long-term durability, especially concerning vulnerable groups like children and the elderly.

4- Budgetary considerations, factoring in potential additional costs due to technical complexities.

5- Understanding the costs of poor decision-making, as witnessed in May’s case.

In essence, you just want to seek a well-installed flooring solution to enhance customer experiences without stress and extra costs. Yet, some unforeseen challenges might still lead to frustration and unnecessary additional expenses.

If you've faced similar challenges, AK Build can assist you in:

Effortlessly achieving desired outcomes.

Mitigating budget concerns and future complications.

Ensuring minimal business disruption, with fast, pleasing, and durable results.

I'm Alex, the Founder of AK Build.

With numerous years of experience in this industry,
I understand exactly what you need.

Therefore, whether it’s the flooring material or the installation team, we meticulously select and tailor them to meet your requirements. This way, I can ensure that you receive the highest value for your investment. With my extensive operational experience, I’m capable of helping you avoid any potential losses.

How AK Build can assist you with:

Understanding your needs and budget.

Conducting on-site inspections to propose tailored solutions.

Guaranteeing price consistency without unexpected surcharges.

Experienced installation teams familiar with our products and various installation techniques.

Ensuring dust-free, odor-free, and level flooring using self-leveling methods (at slightly higher costs)




Witness the Durability.
Our clients who have been using our flooring for several years, along with the current condition of their floors.

Showroom for you to experience the materials and
the feeling of walking on the floor after installation.

To ensure quality, I typically limit my workload to 4-5 projects per month.

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